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Musing Mysteries, Part 3

Four inches of snow the night before last. Another five forecast for today.
I sooo can’t wait for spring. I ordered my seeds this week. Crossing my fingers they come soon so I can get my fingers dirty.
“Are you ready to get back to work, love?” My Muse rocks on his heels, not so intimidating in stocking feet. Especially when he’s wearing the same stockings that the old sock monkeys were made from. His sweats don’t do anything to add to the strict muse image. sockmonkey2
I’m good with that. “You know, I figured it out.” Wait. “Okay, we figured it out.”
He waits in silence, arms crossed on his chest, one eyebrow arched.
“I know why I was having such a problem with Book 2.” I’ve been struggling–stuck–with Book 2 for weeks. Frustrating. I tried to write through it, but no matter what I did, how I reimagined the plot, it just didn’t “feel” right. “I killed the wrong character.”
The other eyebrow arches to match the first. “I don’t remember making any suggestions.”
There was one, maybe two nice days last week warm enough so I could take a walk. Walking helps me think through writing snags. “I figured it out on my own.”
“Congratulations.” He sounds about as excited as if he just learned yet another snowstorm is on the way. While suffering spring fever. I know exactly how he feels.
“C’mon. Once I did a what-if and killed off a different character, everything seemed to click.” Not only that, but the character has a closer tie to the main character, so when he’s killed, it really raises the stakes for my main character.
“Good. Now, let’s get back to your list.” He marks off the list already on the wall-sized white board in my writing office. “Character. Stakes. Raising stakes. Time limit. Next?”
“Can we talk about the new plot direction instead?”
He sighs. “Fine. Talk.”
“What’s wrong with you? You’re not sore because I figured it out all by myself, are you?”
“Why would I be upset, love? That’s the goal, isn’t it? You figuring things out without my constant presence.”
He doesn’t sound like it doesn’t bother him. “I still need your help, if that’s what you’re worried about. I still need to revise the plot to fit the new situation.” My turn to sigh. “Fine. Let’s hit the next thing on the list. Clues.” I’m not ready to go over clues. I need to work the plot through first.
He adds it to the list, then frowns. “Kinda jumping the gun, aren’t you?”
“I said I wanted to work the new plot through first. Can we just do that? Please? I promise after my self-imposed NaNo I’ll start redrafting Book 2.” Why do I get the feeling he’s going to head out for a pub crawl the first chance he gets? “I need your help with the plot.”
Arrgh. I’m just starting to get into the meat of my WIP (I know, I know, I should be through the middle muddle by now. I had a bunch of false starts in the first chapters.). Ack. I hate to set aside my WIP, but I do have a contract obligation for Book 2. “Next weekend. My 30-day NaNo session is up then.”
His intense stare makes me feel like I just got caught stealing my brother’s Valentine candy. “Next week. I’m going to hold you to that.”
Good. Great. Um, except next Saturday is shot; my niece is getting married. I should probably not tell him that. At least not yet. “Sounds great!”
Speaking of NaNo, I missed my week three quota big-time. The week 3 quota is 35,007 words. I managed a measy 28,406. Ugh. I am, however, getting into the meat of the story, so I’m hoping I’ll get the word counts in as it gets easier to write. I might have to postpone the Book 2 plot revision for a few weeks to get my WIP to a point where I feel comfortable letting it sit for a while, but don’t tell my Muse that.
Enjoy your weekend! Write on!

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